Spare Parts & Refurbished Machine

Refurbished Healthcare Equipment

We are a team of technicians who test incoming systems and make sure everything is proper. However, the refurbished products have been through a more thorough and comprehensive process that may update software and hardware and may include a cosmetic refurbishment, where all covers are repainted.

So, the refurbished medical equipment often looks like brand new systems. Refurbished systems sometimes come with a renewed warranty. Our refurbished product line for instance, comes with 6 months warranty on parts and probes.

Is Refurbished Medical Equipment for You?

Refurbished medical equipment is a great alternative to new, as you will get the good-quality products, but in a more budget-friendly version. Instead of to buy new products, this will allow you to get more specialized and advanced systems, than if you were.

Voluson E10 (BT16)
Voluson S10 (BT16)
Voluson E8
Logiq E9
Vivid E9