About us

Glyph PrePress Services is a company having excellence in providing pre-press services to Publishers, STM Journal Publishers and Educational Institutions. Our services include content enrichment, layout formatting, editing, publishing and learning transformation services. We believe in delivering our digital services and products to clients through the end-to-end process. Our Digital Products are engaging and accessible in all congenital as well as newer mobile platforms, formats and electronic gadgets.
Glyph PrePress Services is involved in the whole process of content creation to content designing and content distribution for all digital platforms. We design, capture, convert and enrich it. We develop technology and tech-enabled strategy to enhance the content reach across your entire organization and to market quickly and effectively.


Our main goal is to fill the needs of our clients through trusted, strategic and affordable solutions. We are committed to build long-term partnerships with our clients by offering the highest-quality solutions and services on time and within budget.


We shall be an employer of choice, developing global leaders from within and maintaining the highest standards of quality and efficiency. We will foster and encourage innovation through continuous improvement and we will invest in our people to create a motivated and empowered workforce.


Innovation in rapidly changing time has become a necessary part of the business. We focus on technological innovation along with organizational innovation to enhance our customer's business opportunities and improve their profitability.
Commitment We are committed for providing reliable as well as suitable solutions to our customers, helpful environment to our employees and ethical practices to our society.
Ensure Customer Satisfaction We develop each product based on a customer-centric approach to satisfy the unique business needs of our clients in a wide range of market challenges.
Care for our people and their wellbeing We rely on our highly skilled and trained workforce. We believe that learning is a continuous process. So we provide necessary and innovative training to our employees. These training programs are designed to enhance their knowledge and personal development.
Value Teamwork Teamwork is a key factor for all our deliverables because it involves experts of various domains and technology specialist. For us, teamwork is something which is most valuable.
Accountability & Transparency we are highly accountable transparent to our clients in terms of behaviour, fare services and in all aspects of our work to ensure that information is available, accessible and understandable at every stage of conducting business.

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